Is There A One And Only For Me?

Have you ever heard that question asked? Or maybe you’ve asked yourself, “ is there just the right person out there who can make me happy and be perfect for me?” If so, how do I find that person, how do I meet him/her? And, what if I never do?

These are good questions,  and it’s encouraging to know that some singles care enough about their future to ask hard questions. And yes, it’s important to seek someone who would be a right fit.

So, let’s look at the bigger picture in a factual and objective way. First of all, you are most likely to meet someone in the general area where you live, work, attend church or other community events.

Although it is not likely you may meet someone in Oregon although you live in Florida. It is not probable that you will meet your life-long love in Japan if you live in Texas. If you are a Protestant, it’s not as likely that you will marry a Catholic, even though you might.

Are there possibilities in all of these settings? Yes, but not likely.

It just might be wisdom to look at other factors involved in meeting and marrying your forever love. If you believe you have married  that exact person  you were meant to marry, and then it all falls apart, you just might begin to think you married the wrong person and want to bail out.

There are those who believe that meeting someone special is an indication that it was “meant to be.” One problem with this is, I’m not sure what “meant to be” really means. And again, there is the possibility that you will experience conflict, anger, hurt and pain with your “meant to be” person.

There are two other concerns or even dangers that may play out in this picture. One is that while searching for that perfect person you just might wait around until until you grow too old to enjoy all the benefits of love.

Another factor is that you may get entangled in the chemistry of love and marry before you are really prepared. You could just possibly wake up to someone you don’t even really know.

So, what should you do? As a starter you must come to grips with the fact that your primary emphasis needs to be on “being the right person,” instead of finding one. If you should  meet an absolutely wonderful person, but if your life is a mess, the whole thing may crash and burn.

If your life is filled with anger, bitterness, dishonesty or lack of moral integrity, it’s going to be tough. In fact, you might just end up finding a great person to destroy,and the relationship end in chaos. So why not begin your journey  with an open heart and willing to learn and change. Maybe you should ask yourself, “ am I the kind of person “I” would want to be married to?

No matter who you are, or who you marry, you will still have conflicts and face a myriad of difficulties.

So…just thinking.