Do You Feel Disconnected In Your Marriage?

Here Is How To Feel Close Again

Remember when you were first married, and paid so much attention to each other? You could talk about anything, and it was fun just to be together?

So what changed? Could it be that you just gradually began taking each other for granted and stop doing the things that made you feel close?

Here are 8 simple things you can do to bring the closeness back:

  • Refuse to be negative or critical. Yes, it is totally possible to begin to see habits or things that irritate you, and the more familiar you become with each other, the more some of these may increase. When this happens you may not enjoy being together like you did at all. Okay, so stop focusing on the negatives, and emphasize the positives. Watch for everything your spouse does that is good, and that brought you together. Call attention to what you love, or better yet, the person you fell in love with.
  • Nurture and take care of each other. Pay attention to their health, fatigue, discouragement, or any sign that either partner is not doing well. Give an extra hug and ask what you can do to help. Your wife will love you for helping with the house and getting the little ones to bed. Wives, fix your husband’s favorite food and serve him first.
  • Refuse to be speak harshly, critical or unfriendly. Some guys work late, or want to hang out with the guys rather than coming home to a nagging critical wife who may meet them at the door coldly. Guys be polite and respectful. Give your wife a full body hug, and interact with here as she talks about her day. Be emotionally present. Be a guy that your wife looks forward to being with.
  • Guys be sure to give non-sexual affection, like hugging, kissing, and holding hands. Skin to skin contact helps to release the pleasure chemicals in the brain. Touch is a deep need of the soul. Practice these things even when you don’t want to or feel like it.
  • Be certain to keep your sex life alive and well. Going long periods of time without sexual release can cause tension, stress and irritability. Some studies show that sexual interaction plays a major role in your health. And, may be a player in 80% of couple conflicts. (see special report on Planned Sexual Encounters).
  • Refuse to live separate lives. Some couples become room mates, or just two people living in the same house. Both of you have needs that must be met by a life-long mate. Professional people, with demanding schedules are at high risk for unintentional emotional bonding with the opposite sex.
  • Be ready to apologize when you have verbally hurt or offended your mate. And, forgive easily. As natural, imperfect people you will say and do wrong things, so make things right with the one you love.
  • Never stop doing fun things together. If you do, your life may consist of fatigue, bills, budgets, taking care of children, and jobs. This can spell 80 when you are only 30! And yes, plan special times without the children. If you don’t, your children may end up without their mom and dad in the same home.