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The Going thing for Busy Couples

Need a relationship boost? Feeling disconnected? feeling alone? resentful? angry? depressed?

When you attempt to discuss sensitive issues, does it end in arguments or conflicts?

Has your physical fires become smoldering embers? Are you in the Pursue/Avoid syndrome, where one is pursuing and the other is avoiding, creating tension and anger?

Has your fun times together become far apart or a thing of the past?

Has your conversations become more about in-laws, bills, or other problems?

Then you need a fresh new beginning!

You know you need help but don’t want to admit it, don’t know where to turn, or don’t have the funds for expensive marriage counseling.


Relationship coaching is the going thing for busy couples on the go !

What is relationship coaching?

A special approach to assist couples who feel disconnected to regain their love and passion for
each other. Relationship coaching is designed for couples 18-30 something. However, some older couples opt in.

It is common knowledge that men and women are different-but how different, and in what ways remains
a mystery to many.

When it comes to love, romance and problem solving, men and women process information differently. This is primarily because of brain structure and functioning-not wrong, just different. You will become aware of how the different functions of the brain blocks communication and hinders closeness. You will receive individual challenges, information and personal individual coaching.

As you work through this exciting journey, your information will only be shared with your relationship coach. It is also important that you do not share your personal information with your spouse, family members or friends. You must have the freedom to express your opinions and feelings with your coach, with the assurance that it will remain confidential.

As a female, you have deep needs for a love that you may have never expressed, realized, or dreamed about. This type of love may be hard to explain, but you will have a deep feeling of emptiness when it is  not present.

As a male, your most powerful need is far more obscure and hidden than hers. (no, it’s not sex). You probably do not even know it is there, and if you did, you might not could explain it. Men seldom discuss these needs with other men. They do not know it’s there, and would not know how to talk about it if you did.

When the internal needs of both of you begin to be met, you will feel drawn to each other like a magnet.

You will feel more relaxed and secure in the relationship and life in general. You will experience more peace within.

How do we get started?

First, you will do an initial opt-in (with not obligations).

To get you started, please send a brief email to, and simply say “I want to know more.” When your email arrives at my inbox I will reply with a brief confidential survey that will allow me to know your opinions and feelings about love, and relationships.

This will be your first exciting step to a new beginning!!

Please note: 

It is imperative that both spouse participate

If need be, you may text me at (870) 656-7674.

Oh, and why should you listen to me? I am a certified Life Coach with over 30 years in serving young couples, with an a+ record.

A clean and wholesome approach to a deep connection.