7 Simple Tools

7 Simple Tools valuable for married couples today because you can use these tools to immediately begin the process of healing and building a relationship that has been lost.

Many couples are wondering where to start or what to do, and this book is the place where calmness, peace, hope, and the warmth of love once experienced can be reborn using seven simple tools.

You do not have to live in an atmosphere of coldness, conflicts, and disconnection anymore.

With these simple approaches a process of restoration can begin immediately !

Communication becomes easier, forgiveness can be experienced sooner, and the friendship that was once enjoyed can become the centerpiece of the relationship again.

Both emotional and physical affection can warm the very air that was once cold, damp, and depressing.

That which has become broken can be put back together again, and become stronger than ever before.

Why wait? Order 7 Simple tools, and begin a life of love, freedom, connection today !