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7 Simple Tools to Build a Lasting Marriage: and LOVE the process

After the beauty and joy of a wedding, how many couples live happily ever after?

It’s not guaranteed to everyone, but it’s possible for you. With the right tools, the right plans, and the determination to use them, you can weed out the seeds of failure as they appear and nurture the health of your love.

Whether you and your spouse seek to preserve the first bloom of your new marriage, or to strengthen a bond that has been tested by frustration, disillusionment, stress, and competing responsibilities, here you can find immediate, everyday help.

These seven dynamic tools offer a passionate and practical approach assisting couples to deepen their marriage or reconnect and heal a broken relationship. They address seven key aspects of marriage, including communication, friendship, forgiveness, physical and emotional connection, sex, ways to give and receive love, and how to create a vision for your shared future.

Adopting new habits and patterns of behavior that uphold these simple principles at the core of the relationship will provide immediate benefits, while building a lasting foundation for success.

Avoid regrets and “I wish I could have…” by taking a positive approach, meeting the challenges life poses to your marriage and shaping the future you and your spouse deserve, for yourselves and each other.

Glenn Taylor