Chest Pains

10 Ways You Can Show Your Love To Your Wife

A Special Valentines post on 10 ways you can love your wife in a way that makes her feel loved.

My chest pains are not from a medical condition, but how I feel when I think of the times that I have been unloving and hurtful to my wife, when I should have been building her up to feel special.

There have been countless other times when I have encountered young women who felt of little value, empty, lonely, and unloved.

Hey guys, here are some simple things you can do to make your wife feel like a Princess of royalty and of unlimited value.

  • Treat her as if God had stamped on her forehead, “handle with care.”
  • Help her when she is overloaded with housework, and caring for the children. Especially if she is also works outside the home.
  • Honor her in the presence of the children. They need to see that you love their mother.
  • Make sure to give her non-sexual affection. She needs to feel your touch when you have no sexual intent.
  • Remove insecurities from her by planning your future together.
  • She needs your tenderness and gentle touch.
  • Treat her as a person of intelligence. Never invalidate her ideas, and wishes, especially around other people.
  • Make sure she feels highly valued, and a top priority in your life.
  • Take her on a really special Romantic Get-Away. (a complete package plan is available upon request).
  • Be sensitive to her needs, and make sure she not only knows she is deeply loved, but that she also feels loved.