Ten Things You Can Do To Make Your Husband Feel Loved

The greatest need that your husband has is respect, and you can show this in different ways. His need of respect is just as great as your need to be loved.

Yes, even when you don’t think he deserves it. Even though he may not show it, your husband has deep needs, most of which will revolve around his desire to do good on his job and provide for his family. There will be times when he cannot provide, and that’s when he needs your admiration most. Work is where your husband finds his identity. You may tell him often that you love him, but just one critical remark can erase it all.

So here are some simple things that you can do to make your man think he is the best.

  • Protect his dignity at all costs. Being humiliated can destroy him.
  • Focus on what he is doing right, without pointing out what he has not done
  • Make special time just for you and him to be alone.
  • Compliment him at every opportunity. This can be done in person, by texts, or even by sticky notes.
  • Be forgiving and do your very best not to bring up past conflicts.
  • Look for ways to show him that you really do need him.
  • Respond to his desire to provide, not his performance.
  • Allow him time alone when he needs it.
  • Tell him you are proud of him. He needs that like you need to be told you are loved.
  • Don’t tell him to have eyes only for you, then push him away when he needs you. Initiate some, and respond more often.