The Country Store

Experiencing The Gift Of Love

This morning while my wife Jo Ann was sleeping, I slipped down to my room to do some reading and enjoy my recliner. Actually, we have two recliners side by side. I sit in mine and when Jo Ann isn’t in her chair my Great Dane Mia takes over.

Except for an occasional grunt from a 150 pound dog trying to fit In a recliner, the room was very quiet and peaceful.

During the time of quietness I began to think about how much Love my wife has given and immediately my thoughts went back over the years to an old country store in North Central Arkansas. My cousin and I hung out a lot during the Summer, and this one evening we had seated ourselves in the back of the store.

Little did I know that what would happen a few minutes later would be the beginning of a series of events that would change my life forever. As I looked toward the front of the Store two young women came in and began to talk to the owner of the store. I caught a glimpse of one of the girls, and even though I didn’t say it my heart said “wow.” My eyes fixated on just one of the Girls, and I asked my Cousin who she was. Whatever he said, I only heard parts of it because my eyes remained glued to her.

There was a small Church only a few feet from the Store that my cousin and I planned to attend later that evening. After he told me that this mysterious Creature that I had seen in the Store would be there also, I made a strategic plan. Knowing that she would have to come through the front door of the Church, I planted myself on the steps and waited. Soon I saw her headed my way, and even though I didn’t want to stare, my eyes stayed fixated on her. As she walked within a few feet of me. I said “Hi”, she said “Hi “and we entered the Church Building. I doubt that I paid much attention to what happened during the service. Except for a few passing glances, we didn’t see each other for the remainder of summer. We did, however correspond during the following weeks .

I’m not sure when, or where we officially met, but we had our first date in November, were engaged In February, and married July 28th of the following year.

After our encounter at the church, I had no interest in anyone else, and even though I didn’t really know her I was at total peace.

As we grew together over the years, I began to understand what the Gift of Love really meant, and how the girl from the country store wrapped her love around my heart.

First of all, she removed the aloneness from my life. In my early twenties I began to feel alone. Even though I lived at home and had family around me, there was something missing, and I knew it was time for me to seek a life partner. And was it not God Himself who said it is not good for man to be alone?

She also brought the Gift of Love to me in being my best friend. She was someone I felt comfortable with. I could relax with her and feel at ease. She was there for me and I knew it. We laughed together, joked together and found pleasure in the simplest things. She brought laughter into my life.

I also felt a deep sense of connection and belonging. I was hers, and she was mine. The Comfort of her nearness warmed my heart, and I knew she belonged to me and no one else. Not one time did I ever doubt her love and commitment to me. Her Moral Integrity was also a wonderful gift of love. I’ve never had insecurities, or wondered if I could trust her concerning her past, present or future. She was, and has always been more pure than the clearest spring water. Her gift of Moral Integrity has brought a deep peace to my soul.

She has been my constant encourager,  my cheerleader when I was down, and my comfort during the dark hours of life.

How deep is the Gift of Love? I sincerely hope you will be as blessed as I, and find this love for yourself. Who knows? There may be a country store in your future.

Glenn Taylor