I love to smell the fresh cut flowers, and to watch the candles as they flicker and glow. The people are festive, and smiles are abundant as family members and guests scurry through the building completing last minute plan. The whole place is filled with a spirit of celebration and excitement. But all of the activity comes to a Holy hush as the Bride prepares to walk down the isle.

The Groom proudly stands with a wide smile and with his eyes fixed on the door where he will get his first glimpse of his Bride to be. After the Bride’s wedding party is in place, there is a moment of silence and anticipation, then in a moment with one note of music the doors open, and all eyes turn toward the Bride, and yes, she does have a brilliant glow. Her beauty is breath taking! The ceremony begins and vows to love and cherish each until death are exchanged. Now their life together begins. It would be nice to say,”and they lived together happily ever after,”but that may not happen. In a very brief period of time, the couple may come to realize that they have now entered a different world.

One of love, conflict, frustration, and disillusionment. So, what are they to do? Did they marry the wrong person, or simply enter a world of the unknown for which they were not prepared?

More to come !!!!

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