Hope For A Troubled Marriage

I can’t believe she is gone. Sure we had our problems, but I had no idea that it was this bad. She just walked in and said she wanted out. One minute I’m so angry I want to hurt somebody, and the next minute I’m soaking my pillow with tears…I feel like a part of me has died.

Sometimes the cause is an affair that leaves us breathless…but it may hurt much worse to see a relationship gradually fade away. It may feel like and unbearable blast of Arctic air, a barren desert, or a dark grey cloud hovering over our head. Confusion rules, anger rages, and depression becomes our closest friend. When we try to talk, things get worse. We end up fighting and degrading each other with horrible words.

Is there any hope?

Hope is a precious word. It seems like as long as there is a thread of hope, we can keep going. But when that’s gone…there is nothing left.

But there is hope!!! It does not have to end that way!

How would it feel to receive encouragement, practical insight, and the tools to turn things around? To go from a cold blast of heartache to a warm spring breeze? To be able to breathe again, to laugh again? To replace anger with peace, and turn harsh words into loving kindness?

And how would it feel to have hope again?

In the coming weeks I want to share with you my Best Love Secrets. A new and fresh approach to healing wounds, granting and receiving forgiveness, getting your passion back, and having a deep sense of peace and security.

Here are some of the things you will receive:

* How to create a personal vision for your own life, what you really want as a husband or wife.

*How to blend your personal life visions into a shared vision and sense the closeness that joint accomplishment can bring.

*How to regain kindness, understanding, and respect.

*How to experience new energy and a double helping of Hope.   Here is your action point for the week…Begin by building your personal vision, how you want your life to be.

Yes, start right now!