In my last post I stated how much I love weddings, and I do. There are few events that equal the beauty and festivity of a wedding. Seeing the wide smile on the Groom’s face, and the lovely glow on the face of the Bride is unequaled. Sadly, within a few months or perhaps a year or two the Groom’s smile may turn to an angry glare and the beautiful glow on the face of the Bride may reflect deep hurts.

So, what happens? With some it could have been hurtful words carelessly hurled at the other, or inappropriate behavior with the opposite sex. Some become disappointed and disillusioned with what they expected marriage to be like, and as a result subtle questions create doubts about whether they married the right person, or whether they should have married at all.

Something of great value has been lost! Could it be a passionate friendship that you once enjoyed?

But what does true friendship look like?

A friend is some one that I enjoy being with. Some one I can relax with and be myself. A real friend is some one I can open up with and express my true feelings. A friend is a person that’s fun to be with. Some one I can trust, and know I will not be hurt emotionally, verbally, or physically.

Want your friendship back? Ask yourself these four questions.

Am I easy to live with? Am I easy to love? Am I easy to talk to? and perhaps more importantly, am I fun to be with? So how did you do with those four questions? Maybe you should ask your Spouse!